CSS Wishlist 2023

Twenty twenty-two brought plenty of goodness to the web platform. Cascade layers, dynamic viewport units, :has and so much more. Hopefully, the pace for 2023 will be no different.

Inspired by Dave Rupert's CSS Wishlist 2023, here is my own css Wishlist for 2023.

  • leading-trim – It might just be wishful thinking. (It probably is) But, I really do believe that this singular property would be a game changer for web typography. Finally we would be able to get rid of all the hacks and magic values littering our css just to get our fonts to align properly. Ethan Wang has a great write-up highlighting the ramifications of this property.
  • text-wrap: balance – I'm sick of rolling my own text balancing algorithms. I would much prefer the browser make my custom iplementations of NYTimes text balancer obsolete.
  • Event for stickiness change – Technically javascript, but having these events would make it a lot easier to style position: sticky; elements when they are in their "stuck" state.

That's my list from the top of my head. What's yours?